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fools and weeds grow without rain

 —  forth

Sunday Roast by Jubru on Flickr.

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Nice by Jubru on Flickr.

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party time by ivvy million on Flickr.

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Hands shaking like
windows during a winter storm
and the dirt underneath your fingernails never gets scrubbed out, and
you are never made new, you are never given a second chance. Spines cracking, dark, like a secret whispered
into cold skin, in raw light, bleeding, bleeding - where? Terror, six feet under the frozen surface, you
unwind, you
drown, you
swallow the blood.

—  m.f., “for kieren walker” (via janesyre)

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prine (2) by M A T T sanchez on Flickr.

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American Smokejumper in Canada by August G on Flickr.

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Mainz, Germany

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untitled by cellophanesoul on Flickr.

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Test roll (olympus xa2) by Marcos Rivas on Flickr.

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I think that I think too much and maybe you are everything that crosses my mind.

—  Matthew Hauptman (via matthewhauptman)

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Run to the sun by Marcos Rivas on Flickr.

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untitled by nijntjee on Flickr.

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untitled by fieldtripkid on Flickr.

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prenzlauer berg by jrobertblack on Flickr.

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