I’m used to it
– The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via suckingonlarry)
It’s because of you when I’m in bed in the morning that I can wind my spring and tell myself I have to live another good day.
– Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (via middlenameconfused)

Lizzy Stewart
Our hummingbird hearts
found new forests to sing to,
and the years pulled us away
like dandelions finding
somewhere else to grow.
I know we’re not
supposed to tell each other
these things anymore,
but for what it’s worth,
I still listen for your voice.

For what it’s worth,
it still turns me into spring.
– Y.Z, “the truth after all this time” (via rustyvoices)
He did not want to be there. He was almost not there, but he was. I knew, I decided, that I would sleep that night and think of him. There was something about him, and that something would help me sleep.
– Shani Boianjiu, The People of Forever Are Not Afraid (via morningtrainpoetry)
The Fall is falling
and coming are the cold winds,
coming is the snow.
I tried to love you less. I couldn’t.
– Simone de Beauvoir, The Mandarins (via violentwavesofemotion)

JamesAllen by rocketrictic on Flickr.
I breathed in the gunpowder that was on all of our fingers and the cedar trees of the base. And I just understood that there are people who live for the fight; for the moments before you lose or win. People for whom this world is not enough; they want ice water in their veins, beauty at any cost, climbing out of ditches under gunfire, exploding necklaces of grenades. Fascinating people for whom torture is not even within the realm of imagination. And then I knew: those fascinating people—I was never one of them.
– Shani Boianjiu, The People of Forever Are Not Afraid (via morningtrainpoetry)
It would be a terrible mistake to go through life thinking that people are the sum total of what you see.
Jonathan Tropper, This is Where I Leave You (via wordsnquotes)
This poem is the poem I’m writing because
we aren’t speaking, and it is making my heart hurt
so bad that sometimes I can’t make it up off the floor.
– Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, ”Lit (Or: to the scientist I am not speaking to any more”  (via petrichour)
One hears it a lot on airplanes: “Make sure you have your own mask on, before helping others with theirs.”
– Daniel Handler [Lemony Snicket], upon being asked "What’s your very best life advice?" (via splitterherzen)
Sometimes I think of things and wonder why I never thought of them before. Sometimes I remember things and beg for mercy.
– Shani Boianjiu, The People of Forever Are Not Afraid (via morningtrainpoetry)
"What was the happiest moment in your life?" he asked. It was a line. I didn’t mind. I leaned deep and kissed him. I wanted to say, "Right now," but that was easy. I wanted to say, "Right now," but it wasn’t true.
– Shani Boianjiu, The People of Forever Are Not Afraid (via morningtrainpoetry)
I’ll read my books and I’ll drink coffee and I’ll listen to music, and I’ll bolt the door.
– J.D. Salinger, A Boy in France (via theglasschild)